Conference Publications

The participants will have opportunity to publish their work (1) in the Conference Proceedings and /or (2) in an Edited Book to be published by Springer Singapore. Plus there will be several Special Issue of international journals in which participants could publish their scholarly works.

Conference Proceedings: The proceedings will publish reviewed full papers, extended abstracts and abstracts. The maximum page length for a paper (either reviewed or extended abstract) will be five (5) pages. The Conference Proceedings will be a digital publication with ISSN:2382-6193.

Edited Book: The authors of high quality papers will be invited to submit their work for consideration for an Edited Book to be published by Springer, Singapore. This book will come under the Edited Series: Managing the Asian Century ( Selected full papers submitted before the regular registration date will be fast-tracked for review for this book.

Paper Submission

Paper submission to the conference is managed by EasyChair conference management system. Click the following link to make a submission:

The EasyChair system will ask you to make your own account (User ID and password). You can return to the system any time to check the progress with your submission(s).

Three types of submissions are allowed: Full Paper, Extended Abstract and Abstract.

Full Paper: A significant piece of work with introduction, research methodology, analysis and conclusion will be put through rigorous review process. Each full paper will be reviewed by at least three reviewers. It is recommended to submit a long paper in the initial stage of the review process. After acceptance, the final paper length should be 5 pages (or less) for the Conference Proceedings.
Extended Abstract: Considerably short submissions will not be put through comprehensive review process; but they will be assessed for general suitability to the conference. Research-in-progress, sharing ideas, expression of research interests, or ideas of practical relevance may be submitted as short paper. Maximum page length is 5 pages in the Conference Proceedings.
Abstract: A participant may choose to submit one page (250 to 300 words) abstract relevant to the conference theme.

Contact Information:

For inquiries related to conference papers and publications:
Professor Dr. Purnendu Mandal
Lamar University, Texas, USA
Phone: 1-409-651 7063

Conference Presentation

The Program Committee has decided to open up opportunities for four types of presentations at the conference venue:

  1. Regular Paper Presentation
  2. Round Table Presentation
  3. Paper Presentation in Absentia via Internet
  4. Paper presented in Absentia via Pre-recording

Regular Paper Presentation : The speaker will have 15 minutes to talk and then 5 minutes for Q&A or discussion. Only full papers and extended abstracts will be scheduled in this category.

Round Table Presentation: Paper abstracts will be considered for Round Table Presentation. Typically a presenter will have 4-5 minutes time to share ideas with fellow presenters and then carry on conversations on the general theme of that particular session.

Paper Presentation in Absentia (via Internet): If an author is unable to attend the conference under extraneous circumstances his/her paper will be considered for presentation in absentia. The speaker will have 15 minutes to talk and then 5 minutes for Q&A or discussion via the Internet. Only full papers and extended abstracts will be considered for scheduling.

Pre-recorded Presentation (via Pre-recording): It is also possible for a speaker to pre-record his/her talk in advance and send to the Program Committee for viewing during the assigned session. This option is available only with prior arrangement and under extraneous situations. The recording must be professionally made and less than 15 minutes in length.


The ICMAC 2016 promises a lively international exchange of technology innovations, ideas and knowledge for incubators, innovators and technology disruptors, directed towards the development of Smart Cities in Asia. The conference shall showcase technology innovations pertaining to transport, logistics, environment, financial services, digital education, and health technology. The speakers at this conference come from Silicon Valley, ASEAN, India and China. The conference is set in the city state of Singapore, a model for economic growth, education quality, international trade centre and strong governance..

The theme of ICMAC 2016 is “Rise of Smart Cities” The following pillars of knowledge have been identified for the conference:

  • Smart Transportation and Logistics
  • Digitalization of Public Services
  • Financial Technology (FINTECH)
  • Digital Learning
  • Health Technology
  • Frontiers in Tourism Management

Each Full Paper will go through a blind review process. Accepted papers will be published by Springer as Edited Book(s). Selected papers will also be considered for publication in Special Issue of the following journals:

Paper Abstracts will be judged for suitability to the conference theme, will be accepted in fast-track basis, and will be included in the conference proceedings.


The ICMAC 2016 offers innovators, incubators, and technology disruptors, industry practitioners, venture capitalists, scientists, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to exchange business knowledge, innovative ideas, management perspectives, and experience the design, development and management of Smart Cities. From past experience the conference participants will come from USA, UK, Europe and Asia. For ICMAC 2016, the keynote speakers will hail from USA, UK, EU, Singapore, India and Australia.

Schedule Dates

Submission of Abstracts and Full Papers:  August 01 , 2016

Acceptance Notification: September 01, 2016

Final Paper for Proceedings Submission: September 25, 2016

Conference Dates: November 10-11, 2016